RuPaul’s Drag Race an International LGBT Phenomenon, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!


I should start out to say that RuPaul’s vision started from very humbling beginnings.  A very poor, young black boy from the suburbs, ending up a royal Queen of Drag fame, sounds exactly what the American Dream is all about.  However, this dream has crossed not only cultural borders, but the vast oceans to touch many people lives and enter into their homes by way of television.


Drag Race brings us TOGETHER!  No matter what language, culture, or identity, this show has brought the LGBT community together.  There are many events, fundraisers, group gatherings etc.. that take place every week to watch the show.  It does not only promote national drag culture in the United States, but provides a global platform of how drag is evolving in the 2017 world.  It is quite educational as well, as the viewer is allowed to experience the history of drag and the origin of its existence.


This book is a wonderful way of showing the American national identity of drag but also its evolution throughout the world.  Please check out the link!

This book identifies and analyzes the ways in which RuPaul’s Drag Race has reshaped the visibility of drag culture in the US and internationally, as well as how the program has changed understandings of reality TV. This edited volume illustrates how drag has become a significant aspect of LGBTQ experience and identity globally through RuPaul’s Drag Race, and how the show has reformed a media landscape in which competition and reality itself are understood as given. Taking on lenses addressing race, ethnicity, geographical origin, cultural identity, physicality and body image, and participation in drag culture across the globe, this volume offers critical, non-traditional, and first-hand perspectives on drag culture.

RuPaul’s mantra of self-love

RuPaul 2

RuPaul’s drag race is as much about dressing up, individual performance, fame, glitz and glamour as it is about self-love, self-care and self-empowerment.  The show doesn’t only focus on the drag queens, the personas they have created and the competitions they enter every week  but also their personal stories out of drag and how those stories often reveal hardship and survival for many of the contestants.

What seems to be the appeal of RuPaul’s drag race to many viewers is the way the show takes these personal stories and experiences and make them into communal moments for the viewers to relate to.

The stories might be about a contestant who as a young child felt like the fat weird art kid who didn’t fit in anywhere but who through the creative outlet of drag has turned into a person with poise and confidence.  The story of the ugly duckling that turned out to be a swan which many people might relate to.

RuPaulRuPaul 4

RuPaul’s drag race is filled with mantras that encourage inner confidence, self-love and empowerment and this is one of the reasons that the show appeals to a wide audience.