She Already Done Had Herses! Where da $$$ At?

make it rain

Dollar Make Me Holla Honey Boo Boo Child!!:

  • Which platform brings in the most money?

As of now the actual show RuPaul’s DragRace is on the LOGO TV network and it the key bread winner of the RuPaul brand.  LOGO pays the producer an undisclosed amount, but sources site they are certain RuPaul is the main money intaker.

Each individual queen receives $900 per episode this season, not including the finale. Drag race also pays for their hotel and airfare while they’re touring for the show. Meals are also provided 3 times a day whilst the queens are on the show.

  • How much money do the other platforms raise (approximately)?

Take a LOOK and GAG over how not only FIERCE but FILTHY, Rich that is, these queens are: of course MaMa RuPaul, taking home most of the bacon:

The other platforms are when individual artists (Queens) will go off on their own and choose to work doubly, or away from RuPaul.  However, if they are smart the chose to continue to be a part of the RuPaul Drag Family as well.  Located below is a link to some of the queens linked and not linked to Mama Rupaul.  These are some of the wealthiest drag queens there are now.

Many have their own clothing lines, make-up lines, albums and singing tours, performances for other artists, trios that are spokespeople for brands such as the American Apparel Girls (Alaska, Courtney Act, and Willum).  When queens stray away from the DragRace name they do not owe royalties to RuPaul or LOGO TV, however; most chose to use the advertisement because of the vast popularity of the show and its recognition.


  • What is the primary way the franchise makes money?

RuPaul makes her money primarily from the show now on Season 9.  Logo also has a deal with Netflix which banks the franchise much money while viewers catch episode repeats and can catch their favorite seasons.  Also, From her hit releases starring the drag queens (available on ITunes), cosmetic branding, touring with the seasons’ queens (Drag Race after tours), merchandising, and at her NEW Dragcon, much similar to Comicon, but with EVERYTHING drag hosted in Las Vegas, NV.

To read an interesting biography of the MOTHER herself, RuPaul; please entertain yourself to the following link:

  • How does this affect the way the franchise develops?

Queens, their products (albums, performances, merchandise) can only promote the overall popularity of the show, which in turn makes the franchise more and more money.  The more attention the show generates and the more viewers come into their overall audience, the more money obviously LOGO will generate into the show. Therefore the show and the franchise expands as its users (audience) does as well- Cause and Effect.


RuPaul is the franchise guardian

RuPaul must be the ultimate franchise guardian of the drag race. Not only does he have dual roles during the show both as the reality TV host Mama Ru but he also appear out of drag in his role as mentor and judge to the shows drag contestants. Behind the scenes he is the creative writer (together with a group of other writers) as well as being the Executive Producer and therefore has the final say on anything related to the show. The whole show and franchise relies heavily on RuPaul’s persona and his position as the world’s most famous drag queen.  RuPaul helps promote the show and the show helps promote RuPaul.


Drag is a growing trend among young females

Young straight women might be an unexpected fan base of RuPaul’s Drag Race but that is nonetheless what they are. It is a group that seems to be growing in numbers and are joining gays as some of the biggest consumers of drag culture. Although data from social media can be unreliable, as it is hard to know who is really hiding behind a profile name, a spokesperson from the Drag Race social media team has confirmed that the group of genuine young female drag fans is growing and is almost equal to the fan group of gay men.

The young female drag fans, who sometimes are too young to attend the shows at the nightclubs, are extremely passionate about their queen idols and it has become part of their fan culture to hang around outside the clubs just to get a glimpse of their favorite queen. Apart from being attracted to the glitz and the glamour that drag queens represent, many of the girls also feel that drag empowers them and that it gives them strength to stand up to the beauty standards that exist within society.